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raqunana ([personal profile] raqunana) wrote2014-01-17 10:16 am

well well well

Reeeeeally not used to this site yet, duh. It's only my first day anyway.

Aaah let's see...well up until now I've been on Tumblr for about 3 years? Coming on 4, I want to say. And it's been fun. It's been real. Granted I've got it open in another tab so I'm not completely gone but on something of a hiatus. Though I don't really do much as of yet, so I get pretty easily bored, and all my friends are on Tumblr so I do hope my hiatus ends tonight and I can just move on...

I'm sad to move on from this friendship that I have. But if we do decide to do that, it'll be for good reason. It'll be good for both of us...I just hope they won't harbor ill-will for me...

I'll be the second one they have lost on that site.

That thought alone makes me anxious but...

I'm bringing her down, she's bringing me down. It's gone from being supportive of each other to just licking each other's wounds at this point. And that's not what a friendship should be. They aren't my councilor. I'm not there's. And I can't always help them out...I need to take care of myself too.

If does come to us dissolving this friendship, it won't have been solely for them; it will have been for me...that thought in my mind, right now, is making me feel content.

As much as I don't want to lose them, as much as I love them...I am happier without them.